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What Can I Do With My Unused Medication?

There are many reasons why people have extra, unused, or unneeded prescription drugs. Was the

prescription ultimately not needed? Maybe it just didn’t work and the doctor prescribed something else

leaving a mostly unused prescription bottle? Perhaps the doctor wrote a script for a 30-day supply and

you only needed a 10 day supply? Did the medication expire before you used it all? Maybe the reason

you have extra or unused medication is for an entirely different reason? The fact is, almost everyone

has unused medications that will ultimately go to waste.


At some point, almost everyone asks themselves “What can I do with my unused medications?” It’s

a unique question in the sense that while it applies to almost everyone, most don’t know the best

answer. Unfortunately, most will choose to dispose of their unused medications, and do so in a manner

that is not environmentally friendly. The good news is that now there is an effective resource to help

people aswer the question of what to do with unused medications--the RemediChain program!


If you want to know the best way to dispose of your unused medications, the RemediChain program

can help, and you can access it easily via your smartphone. The steps are simple and easy, and our

program will allow you to either donate your medications or provide you the info on how to safely

dispose of your unused medications.


RemediChain’s mission is split into two parts. The first to provide an outlet where people can donate

their unused medications so that we can match the donations with people in need at no cost to the

recipient. Many medications are expensive and are not fully covered by insurance. By matching

donations to those in need, we can repurpose costly medications and get them to patients who have

dire need of them, but might not be able to afford them otherwise.


The second part of RemediChain’s mission is to take the guesswork out of safe medication disposal.

Many medications are dangerous and they should never be thrown in the household trash to end up

in a landfill or flushed into the local sewer system. The FDA has a list of “do not flush” medications and

other guidelines for proper and safe medication disposal. Using the RemediChain platform, the system

will help users locate safe disposal take-back centers or medication drop-off sites.


If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the RemediChain program, please

contact us at (833) 999-1003 or email us at:

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