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At the August Nashville Blockchain Meetup, we caught up with Dr. Phil Baker, Co-Founder of RemediChain and the Good Shepherd Pharmacy. In this episode, Dr. Baker discusses how he is developing a blockchain solution to address the financial and environmental problems of prescription waste. Across the nation, over $100 billion worth of medication is destroyed each year. REMEDICHAIN accepts donated prescription medication and puts it in the hands of patients who would not otherwise afford it. Blockchain’s transparent, secure and immutable ledger allows for a safe and confidential distribution of medical information.

About Good Shepherd Pharmacy Good Shepherd is a nonprofit pharmacy designed to meet the needs of people who can’t afford their medications. The GoodShepRx membership program provides access to at-cost or donated medication to over 1,000 vulnerable patients with chronic conditions. In 4 years Good Shepherd Pharmacy has dispensed over $15 Million worth of donated prescription medication to vulnerable patients in Tennessee. In 2017, Good Shepherd Pharmacy gained national recognition for the creation of a prescription repository which accepts prescription donations from any individual in the United States. In 2018 the team launched RemediChain, a blockchain platform that connects people who wish to donate unopened chemotherapy drugs to those who would not otherwise be able to afford their life-saving medication.

About RemediChain RemediChain is a consortium of prescription donation programs and colleges of pharmacy dedicated to tracking prescription drug waste and resolving the financial and environmental problems associated with it. RemediChain members post donated prescriptions to a decentralized ledger to create a virtual inventory of donated prescriptions across the country. The RemediChain ledger matches medication donations with vulnerable patients while ensuring the highest levels of traceability. The virtual inventory is made available to a national network of facilities dedicated to serving vulnerable patients. RemediChain is a member of Tokenize Tennessee, a trade organization focused on realizing the full potential of emerging technologies to drive a new era in the state. For more information, visit

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