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How Can I Safely Dispose of Medications?

There are many people who don't understand how important safe and proper prescription medication disposal is, or how to safely dispose of medications. In fact, many people may not even be aware of what a prescription drug disposal unit is or how to find one.  Medication disposal shouldn't be difficult, and with RemediChain, it doesn't have to be. The RemediChain program provides a simple, and effective solution for unused medication disposal.

Have you ever opened your medicine cabinet only to see that old medication from last year, or was it the year before, still sitting there? You probably know enough to know that you shouldn't just throw it in the trash, but do you know how dangerous it is to just let it sit around?  Medications are the leading cause of child poisioning in the U.S. and many common medications are toxic to pets as well. 

That is also why RemediChain is here. Remember that simple and effective aforementioned help? That is RemediChain and it is as easy as picking up your phone and following a few quick, simple steps.  RemediChain helps people locate prescription drug disposal unit options in their local ZIP code.  And RemediChain also makes it rewarding too by offering a small gift card as a "Thank You" for disposing of your medications properly.  Not bad for doing the smart, safe, and responsible thing, right?

Don't wonder how to safely dispose of medicine, and don't let that old unused or extra medicine just lie around in the medicine cabinet or on your bedroom dresser. The next time you open your medicine cabinet, don't look over that old or unused prescription medication, do the smart thing, the responsible thing, and make it easy with RemediChain.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the RemediChain program, please contact us at (833) 999-1003 or email us at:

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